Hey there, beautiful you. You’re doing an amazing job!


You’ve taken the first steps to hire a professional to capture your life’s most important moments. I’ve got to tell you that’s my favorite thing about what I do, capturing and preserving those moments so you can return to them as many times as you want to in the future and never forget it. Time moves at a rapid pace and our children grow like weeds before our eyes. As a mother, I’ve never regretted not capturing those times and am so thankful I did, because I’m constantly reminiscing and in awe of how fast my son has grown up.

My style is timeless, organic, simplistic, and fun. I make sure you have fun in your session with me. Photos shouldn't be work, they should be a fun experience where you leave with a smile on your face, not "phew it’s over." 

I’ve been photographing children for the last 25 years and have several methods of capturing their personalities. I love it when they run around and play. I want to capture those moments, that’s who they are. I always recommend parents get in a few because your children will love seeing pictures of the whole family, not just them. They love you just the way you are.





Fun Random Facts about your Photographer, Meg!

I make some random fun noises

I'm a Marvel fan