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Leary Maternity Photos | Portland Area Photographer

July 29, 2016

The pregnancy glow is a real thing, in my opinion. I love capturing a woman proud to carry her baby. I love capturing her beauty and  the strength that it takes to carry a child. A woman's body can do incredible things when you stop to think about it.

My friend Crystal is one of these amazing women I have had the honor to photograph. She rocked her photoshoot.  

Crystal and her husband, Jer came to my studio on a Friday morning. We started with having her wear a couple of my maternity dresses I have at the studio. 

We had some fun, showing off the strength is takes to carry a child with a Rosie the Riveter theme. 

Since Crystal was already in flannel and they are Timbers supporters, we had to do a Timbers themed photo.

Then we did some more natural photographs, really concentrating on their connection. 

Crystal then slipped into another one of my favorite maternity gowns. It's a gorgeous lacy dusty pink and really highlights the baby bump. 

We decided to take the maternity photoshoot outside. There is this gorgeous creek area along a trail not to far from my studio. It was shaded and cool.

We finished up on the trail with a couple in a black tube top maternity dress I have. 

These two are amazing people and are going to be just amazing parents. I can't wait to meet their little one shortly. 



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