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Amethyst Bodywork | Portland Oregon Area Photographer

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Each week I plan to highlight a local business that will help you find time to relax and take care of you. These will be great for expectant moms, new moms or seasoned moms. These are all local businesses that I have made connections with in our community to help you realize the amazing services out there to help you be or not be super mom. Be sure to check in weekly because they are all incredible and different.

I don't know about you guys, but my body always aches. Ever since my little man was growing in my belly to being climbed on and carrying him around on my hip. My little man is amazing, but my body needs some love. So this week I decided to highlight Chelsey of Amethyst Bodywork and get a full body massage. 

You can find Chelsey working out of her home-studio and at Portland Natural Health. I went to see her at her home-studio and that's what is pictured below. Chelsey offers massage therapy, Structural Integration, and birth doula services, to help moms navigate the physical needs of the pregnant and postpartum body. 

Structural Integration works with fascial system; the thin elastic connective tissue covering bones, tendons, muscles, nerves, blood vessels, internal organs; it is the protective covering for every thing. Fascia helps other layers glide over each other. Massage helps relax the muscles to aid in stress reduction.

Chelsey is also a doula. She offers the help you need when you welcome a new baby into your life, when and how you need it. This is such an amazing service for new and expectant moms. I wish I would have gotten a doula. 

I asked Chelsey how she would be helpful to new and expectant moms. She said, "I meet with expectant parents at 5- or 6-months into their pregnancy, and learn from them, the techniques and practices that will best help provide comfort and strategies to ease discomforts as pregnancy stresses physical structure, musculature, and connective tissues. This relation continues through the labor; guiding moms as a trusted and compassionate advocate, and through the first few weeks postpartum. There are tremendous physical changes our bodies have committed to in these months after the baby is born, and we can continue the personalized care with Structural Integration and Massage to help moms as their bodies adjust to this new role."

Chelsey also said, "the best way to avoid unnecessary fear is to try to understand what the experience will be like, from people who’ve been there. My body has had the experience of severe pain, and the experience of pregnancy and childbirth. I have 14 years helping how others perceive and be relieved of the pain their bodies have had. What sets all of us who work as doulas and massage therapists apart, are the relationships we develop with the families we work with. It is a time for a woman to be truly informed and in tune, and tremendously comfortable with her body. It is as social as it is physical. Our primary interest is to help expectant parents find their way, and to offer physical support along the way."

Meet Chelsey and welcome to her home-studio space. She gives a sensational massage. I can't recommend her enough. She has magic hands. 

Chelsey of Amethyst Bodywork photographed by Meg of Uniquely Wise Photography in Portland Oregon.

I love learning about unique things about people. Chelsey has gone bungee jumping from 5 different bridges. That's awesome! She is also a professional student! Every few years she gets the itch to go back to school and learn something new.

Chelsey of Amethyst Bodywork photographed by Meg of Uniquely Wise Photography in Portland Oregon. Chelsey of Amethyst Bodywork photographed by Meg of Uniquely Wise Photography in Portland Oregon. Chelsey of Amethyst Bodywork photographed by Meg of Uniquely Wise Photography in Portland Oregon. Chelsey of Amethyst Bodywork photographed by Meg of Uniquely Wise Photography in Portland Oregon.

I asked her what she would like people to know about her industry. She said, "I think there are still too many people who view massage as a luxury, although that is beginning to change. Massage therapy is being more recognized as a health care approach; a physical therapy indicated for relaxation, stress relief, pain management, trauma recovery, and maintaining an overall quality of life. I am not sure there has been enough information about fascia and the health and care of our connective tissues, and how that alone can relieve a tremendous amount of daily discomfort- physical and emotional."

If you would like book a massage session or interested in her doula service you can reach her below:

Cell: call/text 208-794-0742

Office: 503-445-7767

Email: chelsey@amethystbodywork.com

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