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Meet Jamie with Juice Plus+ | Portland Photographer

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As a mom, one of the biggest challenges we face is taking the time to take care of ourselves. We are not super hero’s as my husband likes to remind me. Our lives are busy, hectic and messy with children. We love them to the moon and back. So let’s take a moment for ourselves. It’s time to refresh in the new year.

Each week I plan to highlight a local business that will help you find time to relax and take care of you. These will be great for expectant moms, new moms or seasoned moms. These are all local businesses that I have made connections with in our community to help you realize the amazing services out there to help you be or not be super mom. Be sure to check in weekly because they are all incredible and different.

This week I am highlighting Jamie of Juice Plus+. Her business is inspiring healthy living and helping people realize more time and financial flexibility. She struggled for a long time as a new stay-at-home mom and since she started her business, she has found a new sense of self worth, self confidence and a true passion for helping inspiring people to live healthier lifestyles and be the best version of themselves. She owns a network franchise with the Juice Plus+ Company and offers their products as simple tools for a healthy, balanced diet rich in fruits & veg. But, most importantly, she aims to inspire people to make themselves and their health a priority.

Jamie of Juice Plus+ photographed by Uniquely Wise Photography in Portland Oregon

As far as Juice Plus+ and their products...there are many things that set them apart. Jamie tells me, "All of our products are REAL food and have a Nutrition Facts Label. Our products have an NSF certification assuring that what we say is in the product is actually in the product (real whole food) and that all of our products are completely free of chemicals, contaminants, pesticides, bacteria of any kind. We also are the most researched nutritional product in the world, with 35 clinical studies and counting. And we offer free product for kids who participate in our Children's Health Study. It's a simple product line - fruits & veg in a capsule or chewable, whole food shake mix & nutrition bars and a vertical gardening system so you can grow your own fruits & veg."

Juice Plus+ with Jamie photographed by Uniquely Wise Photography of Portland Oregon

Juice Plus+ with Jamie photographed by Uniquely Wise Photography of Portland Oregon  

"Our 10-day shred program also offers a jumpstart for developing healthier habits with a lot of accountability and support. We focus on cleansing & detoxing through clean eating, sleep, exercise, and self care. This program is safe for everyone, including kids and pregnant & nursing moms."

Juice Plus+ with Jamie photographed by Uniquely Wise Photography in Portland Oregon

Juice Plus+ with Jamie photographed by Uniquely Wise Photography in Portland Oregon  

"Our aeroponics gardening system is an amazing indoor/outdoor option for people who want to grow their own food. Our company is currently working towards putting a Tower Garden in every Boys & Girls Club across the US. We also offer lesson plans for teachers who want to implement our vertical gardening system in classrooms."

I wanted to know how Juice Plus+ could help expectant moms and postpartum moms. Jamie told me, "trying to stay as healthy as possible for yourself and your growing baby shouldn't be complicated or stressful. Juice Plus+ is a really easy way to ensure you're getting all the nutrition you need from whole foods with no risk of overdose or toxicity. My biggest passion is helping other moms (and dads) identify simple, convenient and affordable ways to keep their families healthy. We offer a program called the Children's Health Study in which children can receive free whole food chewables or capsules when an adult in their life participates with them. As adults, we want to be a good example for our kids - especially when it comes to being healthy - and it's also important to make self care a priority, so participating in this study can benefit the whole family. Juice Plus+ is a great way to fill the gap in our diets so that you can feel confident knowing that no matter what food choices you make day to day, you and your kids are still getting the nutrition from over 30 different fruits & veggies. Also, I know that once baby comes, life can be chaotic and overwhelming and exhausting! I can offer ideas, suggestions, programs, etc. for increasing energy, more mental clarity, quick & nutritious meal ideas, better, more restful sleep, and an overall better sense of well being."

Jaime also told me, "I offer a real perspective on being a mom and trying to make good, healthy decisions while also enjoying life as the chaotic whirlwind that it is. I embrace the perfectly imperfect and I'm ok with my "best" meal being the oh, so toddler popular "plate of beige" somedays. I'm not striving for perfection; I'm striving for prevention, health, happiness and the pursuit of wine. I also know that being healthy isn't just about the food you eat, but your whole lifestyle. Change is hard. I love helping people where they're at - whether they want to make one simple change at a time or jumpstart a healthier lifestyle by implementing a bunch of new habits at once or something in between."

Jamie is an incredible individual and I'm so happy I've gotten the chance to know her better.  

Thank you Jamie for giving me such great information on your company and all the amazing benefits. I hope you found some useful information. If you would like to contact Jaime please email her at jamie@3bischoff.com or you can call/text her at 970.819.0962.

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