Uniquely Wise Photography | Portland Photographer | Shoot and Share Results are In!

Portland Photographer | Shoot and Share Results are In!

March 26, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Shoot and Share global contest results are in! Your girl was actually a finalist!

One photo placed top 10%, another two top 20% and another six in the top 30%. I'm pretty stoked with the results. 

Meg Wise Portland Photographer finishes as a finalist in Shoot and Share photography contest.


Portland Boxer Puppy Snuggled. Taken by Meg Wise Portland Pet Photographer in Portland Oregon

I personally love this photo. It just worked out so great in the moment. I mean talk about a puppy dog look. She could get anything she wanted. 


Portland Photographer captures bog smile on 3 month milestone baby boy.

This is another one of my favorites, I mean look at that gummy smile. He just melts your heart. And I bet he made you smile too! Gah, he's so cute! 


Portland Photographer captures Lautrel Falls

This photograph was unplanned, and not my favorite at first glance. But as a I turned it into black and white and really felt the mood and moment. To me it makes you stop and feel that moment with her and how beautiful the world is. 


I'm so extremely lucky and grateful to all of you amazing people who let me persue my passion and help capture your memories. Thank you so much for your trust and continued relationship. 


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