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Why would I hire a professional photographer?

One word: experience.

Cameras, selfies, and pics — these things are commonplace in this day and age.  So do we sacrifice quality for quantity? I don’t, and I’m guessing you don’t as well!

Did you know I spend more time at my computer than behind the camera?

It takes training, patience, and precision to create your memories in the best possible way.

Do you know why I don’t just take raw images taken by someone else and edit them to perfection?

Time and money invested — more training, but also equipment — so that I can bring the best of my experience to the post-processing stage.

And let’s talk about the magic that happens during the photo shoot: you’re trusting me with your forever memories and milestone moments. I don’t take that lightly.

From our first chat to the delivery of photos (digital or printed), you’ll be comfortable in the knowledge that my experience works to your advantage.

Infant photography in particular requires specialized training for the safety and wellbeing of your little one.

What’s the difference between the types of sessions: lifestyle, in-studio, and on-location?


My studio is complete with professional lighting, neutral-colored backdrops and a handful of props:

  • Maternity gowns (maroon, pink, white, and black) are available for mom during maternity/newborn sessions.
  • A variety of props for your little ones from wraps to an infant bed. Aww! And you’re more than welcome to bring items of sentimental value from home.

The studio is air conditioned to maintain comfortable temps for baby and mom. I have a changing table for baby’s diapering needs and complimentary beverages for mom.


On-location sessions usually take place at a park from May through October.   Portland parks are amazing for outdoor photography!

I’ll ask questions and work closely with you to figure out the best style of photography for your session.

Consider available light sources at your preferred location; my lighting equipment stays in the studio. The weather can be a big deal here, but anything from sunny to light drizzle is a-ok. Cloudy weather is actually the best for outdoor sessions, with outdoor lighting being at its best around a couple hours after sunrise or an hour before sunset.


Lifestyle sessions take place in the comfort of your home.

These sessions are to capture you in the comfort of your home with a journalistic approach; my photography setups and posers stay in the studio.

Also consider the natural light in your home; there should be plenty of light coming into the rooms you’re considering for the session.

No matter the session location, I’d love to meet and photograph your furry friends as well! Just let me know in advance so I can be fully prepared.

What’s the best time for me to book maternity/newborn sessions?

It’s best to start looking for a maternity and newborn photographer around the start of your second trimester, ideally around 28–30 weeks. The baby bump has grown and you’re still comfortable enough to move around! That comfort thing is really important. :)

Newborn sessions have a little wiggle room. (See what I did there?)

If you’re looking for a studio session, we’ll want to book it within 12 days of birth. Aww!

They’re still sleepy and any baby acne that might pop up won’t be showing yet. Seriously, double awww!

If you’re looking for a lifestyle session (in-home), we can book anytime within the first month.

Typically, we’re not posing your little one during the in-home sessions and this gives you the extra wiggle room with timing. Just be sure that you have plenty of natural lighting in your home, because there is no studio setup with lights, etc.

What if I don’t have anything to wear?

You totally do!

For moms-to-be, I have a handful of maternity gowns available (maroon, pink, white, and black) for more artistic shots that highlight your baby bump. You can also wear whatever’s comfortable from your own closet; keep reading for general wardrobe tips below.

For newborns, most photos are taken in their birthday suit or swaddled in neutral-colored blankets. A cherished toy or stuffed animal can make for great accessories.

Otherwise, come prepared with basic feeding and diapering supplies for baby care during the session! Don’t forget an extra change of clothes for all non-babies just in case of accidents.

For family sessions, I recommend considering background info.

Where will the photos be taken?

If in a park, with lots of green you’ll ideally want a color that contrasts well with the parks natural beauty. Keep patterns to a minimum and coordinate wardrobe colors to your preference. Layering and accessories are always welcome; we can take them off if we need to, but it would be tough to add them in if you come without.

What sites do you recommend for on-location photography?

My favorite places to photograph are Field’s Park, Tanner Springs, Eastbank Esplanade … too many to mention. Outside of Portland, Sauvie Island has some great options as well!

Otherwise, this is the perfect time to think about your favorite place, or a park you visit regularly. I’m open to traveling within 15 miles of downtown Portland, with extra mileage subject to an additional charge.

Keep these points in mind when scheduling for your location of choice:

  • Outdoor sessions are ideally scheduled from May to October
  • Cloudy is ideal, but sunny to a light drizzle is still good
  • Best time for a session is two hours after sunrise or one hour before sunset

For in-home sessions:

  • Be sure to have plenty of natural light coming in
  • We’ll be likely to spend a lot of time in the living room, master bedroom, or baby’s room

Can we have access to the RAW files?

1.You probably don’t want to see the RAW files.

2.They remain raw for a reason!

Consider them as you would a writer’s draft or a painter’s rough sketches. The raw files are not part of the finished product; they’re a part of the process that leads us to the final collection of images you receive.

Do you retouch images?

If you let me know, I will lightly retouch blemishes or scrapes. I don’t alter body shape or size; I leave that to the magazines!

Digital images are great! What if we want them printed?

The images you get are great quality for printing. But — since quality of printers vary — I recommend you order your favorite photos to be printed directly from my studio.

And when I get a chance to say “Welcome to my studio,”* you’ll get a chance to see the high quality of prints up on the walls.

Fact: prints won’t get infected by a computer virus and will be treasured for years to come.

* Inside joke! Meet me here for more details. :)

Perfect! How can we book?

Easy! Call me! Or email. Whichever you prefer.

There is a $100 non-refundable deposit to secure the time slot for your session and the remainder will be due at the session.

You can pay me by cash/check/debit/credit. Please make checks payable to Uniquely Wise Photography.


Uniquely Wise Photography reserves the right to use all captured images in my portfolio and associated marketing material.

Uniquely Wise Photography offers a client referral bonus for a 15% session discount! Ask me about it today!